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OpenAI & Google Dialogflow Powered

AI Chatbot with
custom knowledge

Build the AI Agent for your Company. Connect it with your Marketing & Support channels. Let AI Agent interact with your users on Website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Email & more.

Deploy the Chatbot in a matter of minutes!

Signup & Embed the code on Your Website

Sign Up & embed the code to show the chat on your website. Users can interact with you now directly from your website.

Train the AI

Connect OpenAI & Google Dialogflow. Train the AI in just a click by uploading files and web URLs to OpenAI Embeddings or Dialogflow Knowledgebases.

Connect all Communication Channels

Connect your messaging apps and email to let AI reply all users queries. And let the bot turn your visitors into leads

Messaging Channels Integrations

Messenger & Instagram

Read, manage and reply to all messages sent to your Facebook pages directly from ParrotGPT, and keep your communication in one place.

WhatsApp Business

Lets your users reach you via WhatsApp. Read and reply to all messages sent to your WhatsApp Business account directly from Chat Dashboard.


Read, manage and reply to all messages sent to your Twitter account directly from chat dashboard, and keep your communication in one place.


Connect your Telegram bot to ParrotGPT to read and reply to all messages sent to your Telegram bot directly in chat dashboard.

Google My Business

Lets your users reach you via Business Messages. Read and reply to all messages sent from Google Search and Maps from Chat Dashboard.


Communicate with your users right from Slack. Send and receive messages and attachments, use emojis, and much more.


Connect your Viber chatbot to ParrotGPT to read and reply to all messages sent by users to your Viber chatbot directly in chat dashboard.


Read, manage and reply to all messages sent to your WeChat Official Account directly from ParrotGPT, and keep your communication in one place.


Provide help desk support to your customers by including a ticket area, with all chat features included, on any web page in seconds.


Automatically sync Zendesk customers with ParrotGPT, view Zendesk tickets, or create new ones without leaving chat dashboard.


Increase sales and connect you and sellers with customers in real-time by integrating OpenCart with ParrotGPT.


Connect your LINE chatbot to ParrotGPT to read and reply to all messages sent by users to your LINE chatbot directly in chat dashboard.

AI Chatbot Pricing

All plan includes direct Integration with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Email, Slack, Wechat, Viber, Tickets, Line, Google Business Messages. Also integrate 1500+ more apps with Zapier!

$15 Monthly
  • 3,000 Messages/Month
  • 2 Agents
  • 800,000 characters to train the chatbot
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$50 Monthly
  • 20,000 Messages/Month
  • 10 Agents
  • 2,500,000 characters to train the bot
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$200 Monthly
  • 100,000 Messages/Month
  • 20 Agents
  • 10,000,000 characters to train the bot
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Readymade Chatbot Templates

Chatbot Marketplace

We develop the Chatbot for You

Custom Plan & Services

Bot Features

Smart Chatbots Powered by Google Dialogflow & OpenAI ChatGPTs

Speed customer resolutions and automate conversations by engaging one of the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence in the world. This can be done easily in just a few minutes

Ready-To-Use Templates

When creating a chatbot, taking the first step can be hard. To make it easier, Dialogflow provides a set of ready-to-use bot templates, each capable of replying to general questions

Bot Actions

TGive your chatbot the ability to perform actions on behalf of the user like sending an email, open an article, change the department, and more. For the full actions list click

Google Search & Assistant

Give your chatbot the ability to search for answers on Google and your website via Google search. The bot also uses your articles, Google Assistant, or Knowledge Base questions and answers automatically
Support Automation

The all-in-one Inbox for teams

Bring your customer conversations together. Empower customer service agents to support customers more efficiently, without compromising on customer experience.

Bot Reply & Human Takeover

The bot is a virtual agent that replies autonomously to visitors' messages when it knows the right answer. When it can't access the correct response, a human agent will reply and take control of the conversation

Email Piping

Use piping to reply to user messages from your email inbox and convert emails to tickets. Users can reply to agents by email as well! Setting this feature up does not require any server-side configuration

Smart Reply

Smart Reply saves agents time by suggesting quick responses to agent messages in real-time using artificial intelligence. Get suggested answers in the user's language from both OpenAI and Dialogflow.
In Detailed Reports

Get an overview of how chat
and your agents are performing


Offer your customers immediate help from a single interface by embedding customer ticket areas throughout your website. Use this feature with the Tickets app.

Agent Ratings

Gather feedback on your customers' live chat experiences and use lessons learned to improve customer service. Check your agents' ratings and send post-chat messages.


Organize conversations and assign departments to agents. Transfer rules so that your conversations will always land in the right hands. Route conversations and send department – specific email notifications.
AI Marketing

Innovative tools for
marketing automations

The bot can automate everything, including replying to user questions related to marketing campaigns. Automations allow you to send messages, show pop-ups, customise the chat design, and more when specific conditions – set by you – are validated. Access more that 13 conditions and 5 automation types.

Marketing Automation

Multi-Users Direct Message, Email, SMS

Send direct chat messages, emails, and text messages to your users in real-time. Personalise every message with custom merge fields and automatically send notifications.

Booking System

With the Calendly integration, scheduling meetings with your site visitors is a breeze. Your leads and customers can easily book appointments directly from the chat widget or the tickets area.

Pop-up Message

Display pop-up messages on your website. Use text and profile images to standout. Create multiple pop-ups and automatically display them for specific use cases and situations.

Newsletter Subscription

Push users farther down your funnel by subscribing them to your preferred newsletter service. Mailchimp, Elastic Email, Campaign Monitor, Sendinblue, SendGrid, HubSpot, Moosend, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, Mailjet

AI fine-tuned for any industry

ParrotGPT delivers a seamless, enterprise-scale platform that transcends the traditional conversational AI of a chatbot to empower service teams and delight customers.

Retail: Reach shoppers with personalized offers on any channel

Provide customers with streamlined, rich, and secure experiences that delight and build loyalty.

E-commerce Communication to match your world-class shopping experience

Browsing for products. Waiting for an order. Reaching out for support. No matter where in the customer lifecycle— engage shoppers more effectively on whatever channel they prefer.

Real Estate: Sell more properties with less effort

Connect with buyers efficiently, while providing a better experience through automation on any channel.

Hospitality: Build trust and long-lived relationships

Connect with guests on any channel, and build unforgettable experiences without compromise.

Healthcare: Build a modern communication experience

Provide patients with a better healthcare experience, and enable staff to operate more efficiently — at scale.

Venues & Restaurants

Create better customer experiences, streamline operations, and enhance customer care.

Multi-Channel Support:

Chatbots can be deployed on various platforms, including websites, messaging apps, and social media.