Industries - ParrotGPT

AI fine-tuned for any industry

ParrotGPT delivers a seamless, enterprise-scale platform that transcends the traditional conversational AI of a chatbot to empower service teams and delight customers.

Retail: Reach shoppers with personalized offers on any channel

Provide customers with streamlined, rich, and secure experiences that delight and build loyalty.

E-commerce Communication to match your world-class shopping experience

Browsing for products. Waiting for an order. Reaching out for support. No matter where in the customer lifecycle— engage shoppers more effectively on whatever channel they prefer.

Real Estate: Sell more properties with less effort

Connect with buyers efficiently, while providing a better experience through automation on any channel.

Hospitality: Build trust and long-lived relationships

Connect with guests on any channel, and build unforgettable experiences without compromise.

Healthcare: Build a modern communication experience

Provide patients with a better healthcare experience, and enable staff to operate more efficiently — at scale.

Venues & Restaurants

Create better customer experiences, streamline operations, and enhance customer care.

Multi-Channel Support:

Chatbots can be deployed on various platforms, including websites, messaging apps, and social media.