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Artificial intelligence, including generative AI, is used in advertising today to do everything from generate ad creative and copy to optimize ad budgets and predict advertising campaign performance. You can even use AI to scale up ad creative almost instantaneously or spy on your competition’s ad strategy.

In fact, modern advertising runs on AI…

Almost every ad you see online relies on AI to reach your eyes and ears in real-time. Today’s leading ad platforms, like Google Ads and Meta Ads, use AI to sell, target, and place ads micro-second by micro-second across vast ad network that span millions of digital destinations, apps, and experiences.

That means AI literally dictates who sees your ads and how much you spend to reach audiences on just about every popular ad platform out there.

(For example, Meta’s AI uses ad frequency and relevancy to determine the price and display rate of your ads on Facebook and Instagram.)

So, AI literally determines if your ads succeed or fail.

This creates a huge challenge—and a big opportunity—for advertisers.

First, the challenge…

Today’s AI-powered ad platforms give you the ability to run thousands of ad variations to micro-segmented audiences at scale. But human ad professionals aren’t equipped to take advantage of these superpowers. 

We can’t keep up with all the data generated by these platforms or process it fast and well enough to move the needle in our campaigns. And we simply don’t have the resources and bandwidth to create thousands of ad variations on the fly to test each and every moment.

And it shows…

Instead of unlocking our true potential in digital advertising, we launch a handful of simple campaigns with some basic optimization. These campaigns usually underperform.

Now, here’s where the opportunity comes in:

You don’t have to try (and fail) to keep up with AI-powered ad platforms on your own. You can actually use AI to help you…keep up with AI.

Today, advertisers have access to powerful, off-the-shelf AI tools that can do things like: generate nearly unlimited creative assets, micro-target audiences, scale up campaigns and budgets, conduct thousands of tests, and even run campaigns autonomously. 

So, let’s take a look at how to actually understand and adopt these tools in your own advertising.

What Is AI for Advertising?

Your ad targeting matters just as much as, if not more than, your ad copy and creative.

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Google, you have a seriously robust set of consumer data with which to target audiences, both through desktop and mobile advertising. But manually doing so isn’t always efficient.

AI can help here. We know of at least a few AI systems that look at your past audiences and ad performance, weigh this against your KPIs and real-time performance data coming in, then identify new audiences likely to buy from you.

Spy on the Competition’s Ad Strategy

Real-World Examples of AI in Advertising

Top AI Advertising Tools


ParrotGPT can help advertisers leverage AI solutions to generate creative assets, micro-target audiences, scale up campaigns and budgets, conduct tests, and even run campaigns autonomously.

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