Introducing Claude 3.5: Anthropic’s Cutting-Edge Model Outperforming GPT-4o - ParrotGPT

Anthropic just launched Claude 3.5 Sonnet, the first model in their upcoming Claude 3.5 family. And it’s making waves in the AI world for its impressive capabilities and speed.

The new model sets industry benchmarks for intelligence while maintaining the speed and cost-effectiveness of Anthropic’s mid-tier offerings. In fact, Anthropic claims Claude 3.5 Sonnet outperforms some competitor models, including its predecessor, Claude 3 Opus and OpenAI’s GPT-4o..

Claude 3.5 Sonnet excels in graduate-level reasoning, undergraduate-level knowledge, and coding proficiency. It’s also blazing fast, operating twice as quickly as Claude 3 Opus.

But that’s not all. The model shows particular strength in visual reasoning tasks, such as interpreting charts and graphs. And it comes with Anthropic’s long-time commitment to safety and privacy, having undergone rigorous testing and training to reduce misuse.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet is now available for free at and in the Claude iOS app. If you have a Claude Pro or Team plan, you’ll get higher rate limits. You can also access it via the Anthropic API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI.

So, what does this new model mean for you?

I got the scoop from Marketing AI Institute founder/CEO Paul Roetzer on Episode 103 of The Artificial Intelligence Show.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet impresses

Roetzer has been experimenting with Claude 3.5 Sonnet, and his initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

“It’s been very impressive in the early tests I’ve done,” says Roetzer.

He shared a recent experience where he used the model to improve descriptions for his workshops he teaches regularly to Marketing AI Institute customers. The task, which would have typically taken him 2-3 hours of focused work, was completed in just 20 minutes with Claude’s help.

Not to mention, he says it’s simply more competent at the task than he is.

“It’s just better than me at this,” Roetzer admits. “This is a task where Claude is now superhuman compared to me, and I’ve been writing these descriptions for 24 years.”

The value proposition is clear

Roetzer’s experience highlights the immense value these AI tools can provide when used effectively.

“I got 2 to 3x the value of my annual subscription for Claude—$240 a year—to do a single task in 20 minutes,” he explains. “It demonstrates the value that can be created with these tools when you know how to use them or you have the right use cases for them.”

Claude moves into the enterprise

Along with Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Anthropic also announced some exciting new features that indicate the company is deepening its focus on enterprise applications, including:

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