In the past year, Microsoft has introduced 30 responsible AI tools - ParrotGPT

Microsoft shared its responsible artificial intelligence practices in an inaugural report, releasing 30 responsible AI tools with over 100 features to support AI developed by customers. The company’s Responsible AI Transparency Report focuses on building, supporting, and growing AI products responsibly, meeting commitments after signing an agreement with the White House. Microsoft’s responsible AI team grew by 16.6% last year, with a focus on mapping and measuring AI risks, managing them with mitigations, real-time detecting, and filtering.

The company also released tools like PyRIT for generative AI risk identification and evaluation tools in Azure AI Studio to address safety risks like hateful or violent content. Despite ongoing efforts, incidents like Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot generating inappropriate responses demonstrate the challenges in responsible AI. Microsoft emphasizes the need for continuous improvement and transparency, stating there is no finish line for responsible AI. #Microsoft #ResponsibleAI #AIEthics #EthicalAI #AItools #AIdevelopment #Technology #Innovation #parrotgpt

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