Harnessing the Potential of AI Agents - ParrotGPT

We’re seeing more examples of AI agents out in the wild.

One big one is HyperWrite’s Agent Studio.

Agent Studio allows you to simply show an AI how to do a repetitive task online in your browser, then it does it for you every time after.

In another example of AI agents at work, Paige Bailey at Google DeepMind was surprised by Google Gemini’s ability to automatically search for apartments by generating Selenium code.

“There’s going to be an explosion of AI agent capabilities,” Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO Paul Roetzer told me on Episode 85 of The Artificial Intelligence Show.

There are plenty of startups out there working on agents, including HyperWrite, Adept, and MultiOn. And you can expect other big players like ChatGPT will have AI agent capabilities in the future.

Most companies will likely start by taking advantage of these tools in a limited rollout. Privacy concerns will immediately become relevant. To train AI agents, you’re giving them visibility into everything you do on your browser.

It’s still very early, says Roetzer.

“I don’t think we’ve had our ChatGPT moment yet.”

But don’t sleep on AI agents. Once they become widespread, they’re going to change knowledge work forever.

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