Announcing the 2024 Piloting AI and Scaling AI Courses, AI Mastery Membership Program, and AI Literacy for All - ParrotGPT


We’re launching new AI courses and an AI Mastery Membership Program to help marketers and business leaders transform their careers and companies.

  • We believe AI will rapidly transform businesses, industries, jobs, the economy, and society. The vast majority of professionals and leaders are not prepared for that change.
  • We believe you can build a smarter version of any business through a responsible, human-centered approach to AI.
  • We believe the future of all business is AI native, AI emergent, or obsolete
  • We believe AI education and training will be the foundation for success in every organization.
  • Our mission is evolving to accelerate AI literacy for all. Marketing AI Institute is only the beginning. 
  • The first step in accelerating AI literacy is a significant expansion of our online education programs, including: 
  • Intro to AI Live Classes: We will continue to offer our monthly free Intro to AI live class series. More than 17,000 professionals have registered for this series since it launched in November 2021. Visit the event page to register for an upcoming class.
  • Piloting AI 2024: A collection of 18 on-demand courses designed as a step-by-step learning path for beginners at all levels, from interns to CMOs. More than 800 learners registered for the inaugural 2023 edition. The fully updated series, including a new Generative AI 101 course, is available on pre-sale now, with a launch date of Feb. 8, 2024. 
  • Scaling AI 2024: A new 10-course series launching in April 2024 that is designed for business leaders who want to thrive in the age of AI and drive AI transformation within their organizations. The series, taught by Paul Roetzer, includes courses on the state of AI, business AI fundamentals, advancing AI literacy in the enterprise, building an AI council, creating generative AI policies and responsible AI principles, and the essential elements of building an AI roadmap for your organization. Scaling AI is available for preorder, and will launch in April 2024.
  • AI Mastery Membership: The AI Mastery Membership is a completely re-imagined annual subscription that gives practitioners and leaders access to exclusive live and on-demand education and training, including:
    • AI Trends Briefings with Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput: Quarterly, live briefings on hot AI topics and trends that matter. (AI Mastery Members Only)
    • Generative AI Mastery Series with Mike Kaput: Quarterly sessions featuring dozens of on-demand demos of the latest generative AI technologies. (AI Mastery Members Only)
    • AMA Sessions with Paul Roetzer: Live and on-demand quarterly AMA sessions to answer timely member questions on AI in business and society. (AI Mastery Members Only)
  • Simultaneously, we will continue to engage and inspire groups of practitioners and leaders through speaking engagements, AI workshops, and events (in-person and virtual): Marketing AI Conference (MAICON), AI for Writers Summit, AI for B2B Marketers Summit, and AI for Agencies Summit
  • More AI literacy for all initiatives and news coming soon . . . 

The Backstory

I launched Marketing AI Institute in 2016 to tell the story of AI, and to make it approachable and actionable for marketers. 

Since that time, more than 60,000 professionals have subscribed to our weekly newsletter and podcast, downloaded our AI blueprints, attended our events, taken our online courses, and joined our Slack community.

But, everything changed—and accelerated—with the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, and the rise of Generative AI. And, amazingly, the technology we see today is the least capable AI we will ever have. 

Continuing AI advancements in language, vision, prediction, persuasion, reasoning, decisioning, and action will augment human capabilities and redefine knowledge work at a rate and scale that the economy has never seen. 

Millions of jobs will be impacted as companies realize the power and potential of AI to drive productivity, efficiency, and profits. 

The future of all work is human + machine, and we are progressing under the assumption that at least 80 percent of what knowledge workers do every day will be AI-assisted to some degree in the next 1 – 2 years. (Note: There are an estimated 100 million knowledge workers in the U.S. alone, including consultants, marketers, lawyers, accountants, writers, bankers, software developers, doctors, artists, engineers, and teachers.)

As the rate of change accelerates, driven by increasing competition among major AI technology companies and research labs, every business in every industry faces the opportunity to disrupt, and the risk of being disrupted. 

We’ve presented to and talked with thousands of marketers and business leaders over the last year. We’ve seen first-hand how executives are scrambling to adapt and devise AI roadmaps, while facing complex challenges, including: a lack of AI-savvy talent, legacy tech stacks, a rapidly expanding AI tech landscape, fear of change from staff, industry regulations, privacy and security concerns, and mounting competitive pressure. 

What has become clear is that our mission must evolve to pursue a north star of accelerating AI literacy for all

We believe you can build a smarter version of any business through a responsible, human-centered approach to AI, but success requires a commitment to AI education and training across the organization.

We hope to play a part in moving human-centered AI forward across industries through research, content, courses, events, and consulting. 

Marketing AI Institute, and the marketing industry, are only the beginning. 

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